How About the Trend of Industrial Sewing Machines in China?

- Jan 10, 2020-

At present, the production of sewing machines in the world is mainly concentrated in a few countries and regions such as Germany, Japan, South Korea and China. After more than 20 years of development since the reform and opening up of industrial sewing machines in China, they have also achieved world-renowned achievements, and research on vibration and noise reduction technology  has been formed.

industrial sewing machines

Sewing machine has a large scale and a certain level, a rich variety and a complete production system, which basically meets the domestic apparel industry's requirements for sewing equipment.

China has become the largest sewing equipment manufacturing center in the world. Its product variety, performance, grade, and output have developed rapidly. Conventional products such as lockstitch sewing machines and overlock sewing machines have basically reached the level of similar products in the world. The trend of high-speed development is becoming more and more obvious. As other machines continue to upgrade, the high-speed will also cause the wear of each moving component of the sewing machine to deteriorate sharply. The resulting failure or design defect will produce vibration shock and noise. Sewing machinery has the general requirements of ordinary machinery in terms of structure, shape, performance, accuracy, etc., and has a configuration that meets its own characteristics.

When the sewing machine is working, there is not only a change in the interaction force between the kinematic pair composed of rigid mechanical parts and the flexible sewing material or suture, but also the change in the speed and direction of the movement; and the continuous work under different sewing speed conditions The sewing machine inevitably produces problems such as motion inertia, wear, vibration, and noise. With the continuous application of high speed, some problems brought to the working conditions  are mainly manifested in the following aspects:

(1) The dynamic performance of the sewing machine is unstable:

(2) The components and movement pairs of various institutions are subject to increased stress;

(3) Vibration of sewing machine is intensified;

(4) The sewing machine noise increases.

Among the above problems, the noise of the sewing machine is closely related to the vibration. To solve the problem of the noise of the sewing machine, the vibration of the sewing machine must be involved. It can be said that the root of the noise of the sewing machine is vibration. If the vibration of the sewing machine can be reduced, the noise will be fundamentally controlled. The vibration of the sewing machine and the dynamic performance of the machine have an inevitable relationship with the movement of each component. Excessive vibration will increase the wear and tear of parts and reduce work accuracy. Therefore, the vibration must be controlled within the allowable range. The problem of vibration and noise has become a major bottleneck for the further development of the sewing machine industry. If this problem is not solved, the rapid development of the sewing machine will be bound to be restricted. Therefore, research on vibration and noise reduction technology for becomes particularly necessary.

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