Do you know theindustrial leather sewing machine needles actually?

- Sep 20, 2019-

In the leather products industry, sewing equipment is used in the production. This kind of industrial leather sewing machine can product leather shoes, belts, leather gloves, leather garments and so on.

As early as the 18th century to the 19th century, the invention of the sewing machine created the conditions for the manufacture of shoes to form the division of work in the production of shoes and the work of making the bottom. After that, according to the mechanical principle of the sewing machine, the machine for sewing the soles was invented. A seaming process that lays the foundation for industrial footwear has been created.

Therefore, industrial leather sewing machine refers to the seaming equipment used in the seaming process of the upper machine, the inner thread machine, the slitting machine, etc., and the upper type refers to the combination of the upper parts and the suede sewing machine.

Although the use of sewing machines in the leather products industry has a long history. So this passage will introduce the differences between industrial leather sewing machine and the industrial clothing sewing machine. And some of the characteristics of the sewing machine used in the leather products industry from the aspects of needles and stitches will be described.

The needle characteristics of the industrial leather sewing machine in the clothing industry, the stitched fabric is a fabric composed of yarns, the needle tip of the needle passes through or pushes the yarn fiber, and cooperates with other mechanisms to form a certain stitch. It is a needle with a conical tip. Due to the type of stitch, fabric thickness, and material properties, needles with different conical tips are used. The materials used in the leather products industry are mainly leather. The leather material is a network of multi-layered natural fibers. The fiber structure is much tighter than that of the textile. A sewing machine that is used in large quantities in the production of luggage.

About the needle of the conical tip, the tip of the needle is forcibly extruded from the leather fabric, which easily damages the needle. Therefore, it uses a needle that cuts the tip of the needle (also known as a shaped needle tip), that is, the needle tip has a sharp edge, and when the material is penetrated, a sharp edge is used to cut a piece on the sewing object. The small mouth allows the needle bar to pass smoothly, and then cooperates with other mechanisms to form a certain stitch.

Depending on the type of stitch, the nature and thickness of the leather fabric, the size of the stitch, and the type of needle used is different. Common needles with elliptical, diamond-shaped, and triangular needle tips have different tip shapes, and the angles of the cutting materials of the needle tip are different, and the applicable occasions are also different.

Although there are many types of needles, the needle type is certain.  For example, the industrial needle has a flat sewing machine needle, a stretch sewing machine needle, an overlock sewing machine needle, a chain sewing machine needle, etc. From the needle shape, most industrial leather sewing machine use straight needles, while curved needles are mostly used for dark stitch processing. However, in the typical models of the industrial leather sewing machine, the characteristics of cutting needle needles can be seen.

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