Do You Know Details of Long Arm Sewing Machine?

- Dec 13, 2019-

Everyone is not unfamiliar with long-arm sewing machines, but jumpers often occur. Today, I will introduce the detail of long arm sewing machine.


The  long arm sewing machine always jump line.But how to solve this problems?

When there are jumpers on the four-needle and six-thread of the long-arm sewing machine. Firstly, we should turn off the power, remove the adjustment bolt, loosen the presser bar screw and presser foot screw, and shake the needle to a low level to loosen it and fix the two screws of the left guide plate of the presser foot to pull out the presser foot lever, shake the needle to a high level to remove the presser foot. Then, loosen the needle plate screw to take out the needle plate and loosen the tooth screw again and remove the tooth. Next, loosen the needle guide screw, remove the needle guide and loosen the shrapnel screw under the mouthpiece and remove the shrapnel holder. Finally, loosen the screw of the protective cover again, remove the protective cover, and replace all the needles with new ones.

And we can start the inspection now. When the curved needle is far from the first needle, the standard distance is between 4.2-4.8 mm. If it is not within the standard range, loosen the No. 4 screw and adjust it to the standard distance. When the looper hooks the thread, check whether the distance between the looper and the needle is 0-0.05 mm. (Be careful not to strike the needle). If it is not within the range of 0-0.5 mm, loosen the No. 4 screw slightly and use the No. 5 screw to adjust the left and right or front and back to reach the standard position. When checking the looper to the fourth needle, whether it is 1-1.5 mm above the pinhole. If not adjust it to the standard range. If all the above adjustments are within the standard range, the looper debugging has been completed. Now you can install the needle guide back (note that when the needle guide is installed, the needle and looper are 0), and then turn the handwheel. When the looper moves from left to right, confirm the looper tip, needle back, and The needle does not have to oscillate. And in accordance with the reverse order of removing the components, all the components are returned to their original positions, and the long arm sewing machine inspection and maintenance process can be truly completed.

Features of Long Arm Sewing Machine:

1. It can integrate feeding, the feeding force is more powerful, which can accurately and easily sew multiple layers of heavy materials. The stitches are accurate and beautiful.

2. The lifting amount of the pressing foot reaches 20mm, which is suitable for sewing very thick materials.

3. Wide working range of 450mm or 750mm available for sewing, which is suitable for sewing large samples.

4. The semi-rotating big moon eyebrow and big shuttlecock can reduce the number of times of changing the bottom thread and increase the sewing efficiency.

5. The shuttle winding device installed on the machine head is easy to operate.

6. Synchronous motor device is optional, no manual push operation by the sewing machine is required during work, the template is automatically synchronized with the sewing machine, the stitches are uniform, the speed is synchronized, and the appearance is efficient and beautiful.

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