Common failures of Industrial Zigzag Sewing Machine

- Mar 23, 2021-

Industrial Zigzag Sewing Machine is a special type of sewing machine, used for zigzag sewing with certain elastic stitches (such as bras and underwear). Usually two-point machine (304 lock pin) and three-point machine (308 lock pin) are used. zig-zag-sewing-machine.jpg

The electronic zigzag sewing machine can set straight, 2-point, 3-point, 4-point, crescent-shaped, needle-shaped and other zigzag sewing on the sewing machine, which greatly improves the utilization rate of the equipment.

When the zigzag sewing machine is used, the base supports the machine head, used as a workbench during operation.

The transmission part is composed of frame, hand crank or motor and other parts. The frame is the pillar of the zigzag sewing machine, supporting the platform and the pedal. When in use, the operator steps on the pedal, the crank drives the pulley to rotate, and the belt drives the head to rotate.

The accessories of the Industrial Zigzag Sewing Machine include needles, bobbins, knives, lubricators, etc.

Common failures:

1. The hook threading time is incorrect or the gap between the needles is too large.

Solution: readjust the needle according to the correct position of the needle and the tip of the hook;

2. The hook tip of the hook is not good.

Treatment method: polish the hook tip of the hook or replace it with a new hook;

3. Cross section line. Processing method: check whether the threading sequence is correct, adjust the tightness of the upper thread, polish the hook or replace the hook, polish the needle hole or needle groove, and adjust the hook thread time;

Industrial Zigzag Sewing Machine

4. The bottom thread is broken.

Treatment method: check whether the lock core is evenly wound, adjust the tightness of the bottom thread, reasonably adjust the position of the feeding teeth, check whether the entrance of the lock core sleeve is sharp or rough, use oilstone or fine emery polishing cloth;

5. Broken needle. Treatment method: replace the needle suitable for the sewing material, reinstall the needle according to the correct position, adjust the position of the needle mechanism according to the correct position and tighten it;

6. The machine is not operating normally. Treatment method: adjust the length of the motor belt, remove the hook, remove the thread or dirt, and add a small amount of sewing machine oil.

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