TPS-3020GB-01/02A Electronic Pattern Sewing Machine

TPS-3020GB-01/02A Electronic Pattern Sewing Machine
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TPS-3020GB-01/02A Electronic Pattern Sewing Machine

TPS-3020GB-01/02A Electronic Pattern Sewing Machine adopt touch screen panel Unique upper,thread holding device, Oil-free needle bar, Clean sewing, New pulling thread-slacking device (which has been applied for the national patent) 

Simple operation, easy positioning, accurate

It is suitable for shoes ,bags and cuff of t-shirts.With medium sewing area and extensive usage ,it is competitive in productivity and economy ,which improves productivity to 100%-300%.


Three working location rotating table(optional)

Applied for layers of combined model plates in various kinds with small batch.

Clamping and sewing simultaneously, the machine reduces the time wasted on waiting and improves working efficiency.

Automatically start after automatic positioning and model plate scanning .

Successive and automatic program shifting.

Sewing layers of combined patterns in same fabric ,this device reduces the producing period by using same table & stand.

This pattern sewing machine suitable for shoes, bags, and cuff of T-shirts, with medium sewing area and extensive usage, it is competitve in prodcutivity and economy, which can improve  the productivity to 100-300%



TPS-3020GB-01A Electronic Pattern Sewing Machine for heavy duty 

 TPS-3020GB-02A Electronic Pattern Sewing Machine 



Flat Seam

2-time hook

Sewing area

Stitch length

Cutting device

Scavenging device

Highest sewing speed

Air pressure



0.05 - 12.7mm

2,700 rpm

1.8 L/min



TPS-S3020GB-01A(Thick material)

TPS-S3020GB-02A(Medium-heavy material)


Sing-needle flat seam

Highest sewing speed

2,700 rpm

Sewing area device

Max. 300×200mm

Cloth feeding mode

Intermittent feeding(Pulse motor drive mode)

Stitch length


Max. needles number

20,000 needles/1 pattern

Maximum stitching amount

500000 stitch can be stored in build-in memory

Presser foot driving method


Work clamp height

Max. 30mm

2- step presser foot

All-in-one presser foot

High pressure foot height

Max. 30mm

Work clamp shape

All-in-one presser foot

Rising amount by intermittent foot presser


Stroke by intermittent presser foot

0 or 2-10mm(Factory defaults:3mm

Scavenging device

Standard facility

Cutting device

Standard facility

Customer program amount


Recycling program amount



AC servomotor 550W


Head:About 150kg


Single phase100~120V、200~240V、3-phase 200~240V、380~415V、350V

Air pressure



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