TPS-204-1306 Electronic Pattern Sewing Machine for Extra Heavy Duty Material

TPS-204-1306 Electronic Pattern Sewing Machine for Extra Heavy Duty Material
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TPS-204-1306 Programmable Pattern Sewing Machine for For Heavy Weight Webbing Applications - Strap Sewing Machine

TPS-204-1306 programmable pattern sewing machine is the latest products for TOPEAGLE brand programmable pattern sewing machine for Extra Heavy Duty Material. 

This programmable pattern sewing machine is special of heavy duty reinforcement materials to provide the best sewing results, can be completed without the need of skilled sewing requirements, thick material machine is put on a large Haloxylon core, computer programming control, to ensure high yields and excellent pattern slotted quality, thick line, also do not need frequent replacement sewing bobbin, thus can improve production efficiency. 

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TPS-204-1306 programmable pattern sewing machine for For Heavy Weight Webbing Applications - Strap Sewing Machine 

Technical data:



Sewing range

Sewing speed

Needle distance

Needle bar stroke

Height of presser foot

Type of needle

Swinging shuttle



800 r.p.m







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