TBH-1790S Electronic Straight Button Hole Sewing Machine

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Product Details

TBH-1790 series a direct drive, high-speed lockstitch button hole sewing machine with electronic control and electronic drive.  Loaded with 30 button hole patterns for varying buttonholing requirements, this machine offers you a high production, high efficiency sewing platform with exceptional seam quality.

  • Oil-free clean sewing
  • Multi-function operation control panel
  • Simple and convenient operation,simple and accurate orientation
  • New pulling thread-slacking device (which has been applied for the national patent)
  • New base thread and surface thread cutting device (which has been applied for the national patent)


Suitable for different fabrics and materials flexibility means you can sew button holes on dress shirts, workwear, t-shirts, blouses, sweaters and more.


TBH-1790S Electronic straight button hole machine (for Standard material)       

TBH-1790K Electronic straight button hole machine (for Knitting material) 

TBH-1790-STITCHES.jpgNew base thread and surface thread cutting device.jpg Simple operation, accurate positioning .jpg

Techinical data:


TBH-1790S (Standard)

TBH-1790K(knitting type)

TBH-1790SL(long type)

Sewing speed

the highest 4.200rpm,  in common use 3600rpm, 3300rpm while using no-refueling rotating shuttle(selected and purchased)

Needle bar stroke


Size of cutter


With of noose

 the maximum 5mm(parts with special specification:the max.10mm)

Length of keyhole seam

 the maximum 41mm(parts with special specification:the max.120mm)

Needle thread tension

tension of clamping (electric line tension unit)

Mount of stitches

 size of keyhole is calculated automatically via sewing distance.

Nneedle (equipment model while delivered)


Original type

DP full-rotating shuttle  Refueling free shuttle (optional)

Rising volume of foot presser

14mm (Reversing side)

automatic lifting and pressing foot device

stand equipment (pulse motor type)

Drive mode of needle sewing

Pulse motor drive

Drive mode of feeding

Pulse motor  intermittent feed

Drive mode of cutter

Multi motion magnetic drive

Number of standard pattern

30 patterns

Number of memorable pattern

99 patterns at most

Coiling device of down thread

head built-in

Drive model of machine head

small AC servo motor(direct drive)

Electricity/electricity consumption

(single phase)220V~240V/1000VA

Refuel mode

Microsca leg refueling in parts with rotating shuttle  no-refueling while using No-refuelin rotating shuttle(selected and purchased)

Engine oil

parts with rotating shuttle :engine oil(equals to ISO Vg7)

Weight of machine head


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