TLK-1900E Computer Controlled Bar Tacking Machine

TLK-1900E Computer Controlled Bar Tacking Machine
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Product Details

TLK-1900E Computer Controlled Bar Tacking Machine

The world's highest sewing speed: 3,200 rpm

Various bar-tack pattern s are available within its sewing area Of 40mm (length) x 30mm (width)

The widely acclaimed unique design Of fully-sealed casing with the rod and gear running in the sea led tank helps reduce the noise and enhance the durability, which also makes the maintenance much easier.

The new thread trimmer makes the thread end shorter and the noise lower.

The machine can start and stop quickly with compact full closed-loop stepping motor. Compared with the previous model TLK-1900D, it reduces the cycle time by about 20%(42 stitches)and power consumption by 30%.

It supplies constant clean oil only to rotary hook, there is no concern Of oil staining. The direct drive system, having no belt shavings can keep products clean.




TLK-1900ES Computer controlled bar tacking machine

TLK-1900EFS Computer controlled bar tacking machine for foundation


Technical data:












For foundation

For knitting

For radial bartacking

For heavy weight material

For bags and shoes bartacking

With large hook for heavy weight material

Max. Sewing speed.



Sewing area

40(L)x30 (W)mm

Needle bar stroke



DPx5 #14

DPx5 #11

DPX17 #18

Stitch Length


Number of data can be input

200 patterns(for up to 150 patterns to be added)

Presser lifter mode

Provided as standard.

Lift of work clam foot

Standard 14mm, (17mm when the reverse-rotation needle up function)


Semi-Rotary standard shuttle hook

Large shuttle hook

Cutting device

Standard facility

External data storage media

EEP-ROM, EP ROM USB (Flash memory)

Number of standard patterns

50 patterns


AC servomotor 550W


Headabout 52kg, Control Box16.5 kg                                                                                                 


Single phase 220V,3-Phase 380V

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