80700CD4H Double Needle Overedging Sewing Machine

80700CD4H Double Needle Overedging Sewing Machine
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This sewing machine is our latest model for Used for Jumbo Bag and Ton Bag Production. It is an extra heavy-weight material double-needle four-thread chain sewing machine. The unique accessories design makes wide sewing space for smooth sewing of jumbo bags. The top and bottom feeding mode can complete the sewing of climbing and corner easily. 

The unique structure design can complete the overlock stitch and chain stitch at the same time. Its steady post-bed frame design is especially suitable for the jumbo bag at the sewing inlet and outlet. It can sew the upper and lower sealing strip at the same time.

With electric control presser foot lifting mechanism, the operation is more flexible and convenient, and the sewing effect is more perfect. The trimming length of the independently designed electric control heating trimming device completely meets the standard request of jumbo bags.



80700CD4H Double Needle Overedging Sewing Machine for Jumbo Bag

Technical Parameters´╝Ü


Seaming specifications

Distance between machine

Max. sewing thickness

Standard needle

Stitch length

Standard set

First round diameter

Maximum sewing speed










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